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With extensive experience meeting a wide variety of specifications for customers around the world, our specialties range from small, precision parts for the aerospace industry to large machining for machining and assembly needed by industries like alternative energy and custom machinery.


CNC Turning

Okuma & Goodway

CNC Turning Machines at your service.



Carl Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine 

Spectrum 7/10/6 RDS VAST

Highest quality assurance machine to ensure your products'  precision!


Tube Laser Machine

We have had increased demand in tube laser products and we are investing in our capacity. Our tube laser cutting service is available now and supported by our qualified technical team.


Coming Soon

We invest in our new technology and innovations from time to time. Send us an email with your inquiry to see how we can solve your manufacturing needs!

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SHL HPE Innovation looks forward to the opportunity to quote your project and prove what a valuable partner we can be to your company.

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